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About Us



In summer of 1991, a group of five friends from Edo State came together to form an association called Edocan with the aims of helping each other to secure a landed status and to help newly arrived immigrants from Edos State to settle down. At the time, all the members were visitors to Canada. The main objective of was to donate money to secure the services of a lawyer to help them through their immigration process.

Less than one years later, the membership increased, they decided to elected an official that will represent the group in the community, that was when they formed a committee to drafted the first constitution.
In 1993, they elected their first president. During the time, some of the members were denied a residential status by the Canadian immigration, these members were given financial assistant and other necessary assistances by the club to relocate with their families to wherever they choses.

By 1997, the Club has grown to twenty members, ninety percent of the members were now Canadian citizen while the other ten percent have a landed status. During this period, the Club felt that the original aims and objectives which the funding members had in mind has been accomplished.

In 1998, the club went through a major change, most notable in the change was the changing of the name from Edocan to United Native Edos in Canada, (UNIC CLUB). The constitution was also amended to reflect the new name, new VISION and a shift focus to render services above self to all indigenes of Edo State and strive to encourage the unity of the Edos in North America.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide help and support to all sons and daughters of Edo State both home and abroad when necessary with the window of opportunity through which they will be able to develop their talents, enjoy the full meaning of life and become viable members of society.

Most of our supports are geared towards helping the underprivileged people in general, especially children of Edo State, as they are the leaders of tomorrow. It’s our belief that a child helped today could become your savour tomorrow.

Our Philosophy

The Unic Club is an organization that is committed to reaching out to all natives of Edo State, regardless of whether they are at home or abroad, recognizing that Edo Sate is blessed with different tribes and rich culture, we respect individual religion and belief without any discrimination.

The Unic Club will at all times try to identify areas of deficiency in the welfare of our people and strives to assist on whatever way possible to compliment what they are doing for themselves and what the government is doing for them.