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The Constitution

The Constitution

A. By – Law
“By – Law” means regulations and policies that are made under this constitution. Any regulation or policy that is not found in this constitution is unconstitutional. For the purpose of clarity, committees and sub -Committees that are set setup under this Constitution have the power to make by – laws that govern their own activit ies as approved by the house

A. The name of the club shall be UNIC Club of Canada, Toronto. The principal place of business shall be:
2540 Finch Avenue West, Unit 6 No.604,
Toronto, Canada, M9M 2G3

B. The club logo shall be “FESTAC MASK” with ADA and EBEN


1.To promote the economic well being of members and enhance unity among members.

2.To promote Nigerian culture and social values together with other African cultures.

3.To cooperate with other Nigerians in promoting the good image of Nigeria.

4.To understand, relate, cooperate, and help in the development of the Canadian community, which we live in.

5.To help members with immigration, educational, economic and other legitimate problems if such needs arise.

6.To organize from time to time social and cultural activities in accordance with the laws of the commonwealth of Canada.


1. Membership of Unic Club shall be open to any native Edo who is Committed to the club’s objectives as listed in Article 2.

2. All prospective members shall fill an application form to be brought to the Membership committee for consideration and assessment and the Membership committee shall make recommendation to the General house for acceptance or refusal.

3. There shall be a non refundable $50.00 processing fees for membership application form.

4. If and when accepted, such a member must pay registration fee of $250.00 and $25.00 monthly dues. His membership commences on the day the above stated amount is paid.


Honorary Membership shall be open to any distinguished community leaders who expresses interest in and support the aims and objectives of the club, subject to the approval of the majority of the house.


1. Any person who meets the requirements of Article 3 section A of this constitution but is based outside Toronto or Canada can be accepted as a member, provided he pays all dues that are required of a distant member.


i. Every member shall have the right to bring up and partake in any discussion of policy.

ii. All members shall enjoy equal rights and privileges as entrenched in the club constitution.

iii. On any issue that is decided by a general vote each member has one vote.

iv. In case of dead lock, the President shall cast the deciding vote.


i. Retention of good membership in good standing shall be subject to regular attendance of meetings, payment of dues and other contributions to meet the periodic needs of the club.

ii. Failure to attend the general meetings for three consecutive times without genuine reason(s) or failure to pay regular monthly dues shall result in forfeiture of all rights and privileges to a member.

iii. Any member may withdraw his membership from the club by a written notice stating the reason(s) for such action. The notice shall be sent through the Secretary General and read to the general house at the monthly meetings by the Secretary General.

The administration of Unic Club of Canada shall be the responsibility of the Executive Council.


This shall be made of the following elected officers, including the vice president who shall be nominated by the president:

I. President
II. Vice President
III. Secretary General
IV. Assistant Secretary General
V. Financial Secretary
VI. Social Secretary
VII. Treasurer
VIII. Public Relations Officer
IX. Speaker/Whip

A. (B) The executive body shall meet as often as it deemed necessary at the discretion of the President.
A. (C) Be the policy initiating body of the club.
A. (D) Handle all such matters not provided for in this constitution.
A. (E) Present all decisions to the general house for ratification.
A. (F) shall be dissolved at the end of two years in office before election of new executive


I. Shall summon all general/executive meetings of the club through the Secretary General.
II. Shall preside over all general and executive meetings.
III. Direct the affairs of the club in line with the provisions of the constitution.
IV. Shall approve all payments and withdrawals of the club’s money.
V. Shall endorse minutes of general meetings.
VI. Shall perform such other functions that may be assigned him by the house.
VII. The President shall call early election when deemed necessary.
VIII. When there is stalemate, the President shall have a casting vote at all executive and general meetings


I. Shall in the absence of the President, perform all functions of the President.
II. Shall assist the President in all matters and shall assume the office of the President in case of impeachment.
III. Shall perform any other duty that may be assigned to him from time by the house/President.


i. Shall be the head of the club’s secretariat and convene all meetings after due consultation with the President.
ii. Shall record proceeding at general meetings.
iii. Shall engage in correspondence on behalf of the club after due consultation with the President.
iv. Shall keep a chronological record of the club’s activities.
v. Shall be the sole custodian of the club’s seal and other vital documents.
vi. Shall communicate notice of annual general meetings to all members.
vii. Shall maintain at all times an up to date register of names and address of members.


i. Shall assist the Secretary General in secretarial duties and shall act on his behalf.
ii. Shall record proceedings at executive meetings.
iii. Shall perform such other duties that may be assigned to him by the house.


i. Collect all monies and pay same to Treasurer within twenty-four hours after such collections have been made.
ii. Keep a record of account for the club.
iii. Issue receipts for any money collected. (iv) Present an annual financial report of the club’s account to the general house.
v. Present to the house, statement of all money received during previous meetings.
vi. Perform any other duties that may be assigned to him from time to time by the President of the house.


i. Deputize for the Financial Secretary in his absence.
ii. Receive and sign for all monies belonging to the club as paid to him by the Financial Secretary.
iii. Pay same to club’s bank account within two working days of receipt and present payment tellers/passbooks to the house at every meeting.
iv. Be in custody of the club’s bank teller, passbook and/or cheque book.
v. Keep and disburse an impress account of $500.00 (five hundred dollars).
vi. Shall acquire and keep invoice’s and/or bills for such funds that may be disbursed.
vii. Shall present a quarterly financial statement to the house.
viii. Shall present a detailed financial report at the end of his term of office. Such a report shall be presented at a general meeting, marking the end of his term.


i. Shall coordinate the club’s activities during social engagement.
ii. Being the chairman of social welfare committee.
iii. Shall disseminate all clubs information and/or resolutions to members at all times.


i. Shall be responsible for the publicity of the club’s activities through print and non-print media subject to the approval of the house/President.
ii. Ensure that the club before any publicity approves all publicity materials.
iii. Shall perform other assignments that may be given by the President, the executive committee and/or the general house.


i. The speaker shall maintain order during meetings and obtain fines or enforce any disciplinary action if necessary for disturbing members during meetings. If any member(s) so disciplined refuses to co-operate, the speaker shall make a report to the house immediately for action.
ii. Shall handover fines collected to the financial secretary at the end of a meeting.
iii. Shall perform other duties that may be assigned to him by the house/President.


i. Shall act as advisor to executive committee.
ii. Shall act as ambassadors of the club in other councils, organizations or bodies. (iii) Shall resolve dispute within members and/or member’s family


1. Members must have severed two-consecutive term as a President of the club.
2. Any member of the council that wishes to run for elected office must resign from the council three months before Election Day.
3. This council shall not exceed four members at any time.


i. Be honorary in nature.
ii.Be people chosen for their unique achievement in the society.
iii. Act as advisors to the club.
iv. The club shall identify or show solidarity with such patrons in times of need.

Any member shall be guilty of any offence against this club who violates any of the provisions of this constitution and the by laws.


1. Gross misconduct or behaviour deemed detrimental to the club’s reputation.
2. Conviction for illegal activities by the judicial court of Canada.
3. Uses without authority the name of the organization to solicit for funds grants, or donations from any person(s) or group and /or any agency, government or otherwise without the prior knowledge and authority from the general membership of the club.
4. Without proper authority use the names of all other members of the club to acquire power or property, as if it were for the use of the organization, for his own personal gain and pleasure.
5. Interferes, intercedes or is involved in collusion with any officer(s) or member(s) to deprive the organization from receiving monies, grants (property and otherwise) funds and donations for the club.
6. Refusal to withdraw any foul language or derogatory remarks made at meetings, such language will be considered to be detrimental to the smooth running of the affairs of the club.
7. Floating the decision of the disciplinary organ of the club or any of its official.
8. Discussing club’s information considered confidential without due authorization.
9. Deliberately giving out wrong information to the club or any of its organs.
10. Absence from meetings/social engagements of the club or its organs without notice or just cause for such absence
11. Lateness to the club’s meetings/social engagements
12. Gross financial indebtedness to the club.
13. Desertion for the avoidance of doubt; unexcused absence from the club’s meetings and activities coupled with failure to meet one’s financial obligations to the club for a period of three consecutive months”.


For the offences listed in Article 4-13 above, the following punishment shall be meted out to any member or group of members found to have contravened such sessions.

1. Absence from the meetings/social engagements shall attract a fine of $30.00.
2. Lateness to club’s session/activities shall attract a fine of $10.00 for the first 30 minutes, $15.00 for 45 minutes and $20.00 for one hour.
3. Any member that comes after the above stated time shall be deemed absent.
4. For deliberately giving wrong information to the club or its organs such member shall pay a maximum fine of $50.00.
5. The club shall charge 10% monthly interest on any money that is owed to the club by members.
6. No member shall owe the club any money for more than three months.

As for the offences listed in article 4-A 1-9 punishment shall be recommended by the disciplinary committee of the house after due trial.

7. When impeachment and expulsion are recommended as punishment by the disciplinary committee, such recommendations shall be ratified by two thirds (2/3) majority votes by members present at the meeting and other recommendations by the committee shall be passed by a simple majority vote.
8. An expelled member shall, within three months form a date of expulsion pay all his outstanding debts and return to the club 75% of money he received as benefits within the five receding years. A breach of this provision shall necessitate legal action against such member Not withstanding the position of the Disciplinary Committee in this constitution and by-laws, any minor Offences such as use of foul language or remarks during a meeting or social engagement shall be dealt with by the President or his reprehensive at such meeting according to the specific provisions in this constitution and by laws.


A. Duties The disciplinary committee shall be appointed by the general membership. It shall be a three-man committee. Its responsibility is to ensure that the executive and the general membership function with discipline, justice and fairness.


When an allegation of misconduct or breach of the club’s constitution and/or standing order is made against any member or group of members to the house, the house shall decide using as its guide the constitution and the gravity of the alleged offence, whether the accused should be tried by the general house or be referred to the disciplinary committee.

When a member or group of members is referred to the disciplinary committee for any offence against the constitution or by-laws, the disciplinary committee shall investigate the case and/or allegation. Individuals or group of members involved shall be entitled to a fair and impartial hearing by disciplinary committee in the manner hereunder specified.

I. All charges preferred against a member or group of members shall be made in writing and signed by the President.
II. After reviewing the charge/charges and defense, if the committee find enough evidence to warrant action, the committee shall call or invite the accused within 30 days of the referral.
III. The accused have the right to call or advice the disciplinary committee of witness (s) to buttress his defense.
IV. After a due consideration of the case, and the accused is found guilty, the disciplinary committee shall recommend punishment that fits the crime to the general house. Only the President can accept or reduce the penalty for the offence. That is to say that the final decision is within the power of the Presidency.
V. When the accused is not satisfied with the decision reached, such member shall have the right to appeal the decision of the disciplinary committee for a re-hearing.
VI. In case of an appeal a special committee comprising of one member of disciplinary committee, one member of the council of elder and one floor member in good standing and with a good knowledge of the constitution and by-laws shall hear the appeal and make a final decision.

The procedure for the appeal to the special committee shall follow the provision in sub-section B (I) (II) (III) hereinbefore stated.

In accordance with the motto and guiding principals of the club, UNIC CLUB of Canada shall participate in the following activities, which may affect members:

i. Each member shall be levied two hundred dollars ($200.00)and this shall be given to any member who suffers loss of either of his parents.
ii. A member shall have this benefit twice, once for his mother and for his father irrespective of whom the member claimed as his father and mother in the member’s parental form.

On the passing away of any member of the UNIC CLUB OF CANADA:
i. The President shall summon an emergency general meeting.
ii. All members shall turn out in appropriate attire.
iii. An appropriate compulsory subscription to be the determined at the general meeting shall be made by every member towards the club’s obligation.
iv. The club shall be responsible for the coffin.
v. The deceased shall be conveyed to the final resting place within Canada by the club.
vi. The club shall participate in any activities connected with the burial.
vii. The family shall be entitled to academic subsidy of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per year for a period of six years. Member’s family can only enjoy this benefit if the deceased member left behind children in educational institution.
viii. Where by the member-affected dies without a child, UNIC CLUB OF CANADA shall undertake a project(s) aimed at immortalizing the name of the deceased member.

i. The sum of three thousand dollars (3000.00) shall be given to any member who suffers the loss of his wife by death.
ii. Members shall by special arrangement visit him during mourning.
iii. Members shall participate in the burial ceremony.

Members shall levied one hundred dollars (100.00) and give sum to member’s wife to support her financial obligation to burial of the deceased.

i. Subject to the invitation of the club it shall be mandatory for all members to attend the ceremonies.
ii. Shall contribute the sum of fifty dollars per member towards the marriage ceremony. It shall be once in a lifetime benefit.

1. Each member shall pay $50 to be given to the parents of the child.
2. The vice-president, the social secretary, the speaker, and one person from the floor of the house shall visit the family concerned to deliver the money.
3. If invited, the general house will visit the family concerned. But this visit will not be compulsory.

i. Patrons shall be entitled to parental benefits; all other benefits shall be subject to the deliberation at the house.

ii. Such benefits shall be having of what members are entitled.

For the avoidance of doubt, a member shall only be entitled to the benefits aforementioned in Article 7 if and only when such member:

i. Is not indebted to the club in any way.

ii. Has attended the club’s meetings and sessions for at least 50% of the meetings held in one year preceding the period of the ceremony.

iii. Has spent not less than 12 calendar months as a financial member of the club.


As a non-profit organization, the financial source of UNIC Club shall be a form of membership dues, donations from individuals, proceeds from the social activities, fines, special levies, etc.

1. The clubs financial year shall be January 1st to December 31st each year.

2. The club shall operate a cheque account.

3. The signatories to the club’s account shall be the President, Treasurer, and a member from the general house.

A. The club’s account shall be audited once in two years by a panel hereafter referred to as the Audit Committee.

B. The committee shall be appointed at a general meeting of the club, and it shall be ad- hoc in nature.

C. The committee shall submit its report to the new elected president on his first general meeting.


1. This shall be attended by all registered members of the club.
2. It shall be the authority of the club in all matters of policy making.
3. It shall be held on the first Sunday of every month at two o’clock.
4. Distant members shall attend the annual general meeting provided such distant members are within North America.
5. With the exception of the President, all other member shall stand to address the house.

1. An emergency can only be called at the discretion of the President, after due consultation with his executive committee.
2. The usual quorum and notice requirements for general meetings shall be waived for all emergency meetings.

The executive council shall meet at the insistence of the President.

1. Shall be held in the month of December of every year.
2. Shall be attended by all registered members including distant members within North America.

The location shall be rotational within members.

1. Two third of the total number of registered members shall form a quorum at a general and annual general meetings.
2. Two third of the total number of officers in the Executive Council shall form a quorum during executive meetings.
3. A simple majority of the total membership of the committees shall form a quorum.

A. Election shall be conducted by secret ballot and shall be held bi-annually.
B. Elections shall be held in the month of November.
C. By-elections shall be held as and when necessary to fill vacant posts.

In order to qualify to be voted for, one shall:
1. Be a financial member of the club.
2. Not be indebted to the club in any manner whatsoever.
3. Be an active member of the club (for the avoidance of doubt, active membership means that one shall score a minimum of seventy-five percent (75%) or three quarters (3/4) attendance at meetings and other engagements of the club in the proceeding year). Not be less than twelve months old as a member.

a. Candidates seeking to be voted for shall do so by applying.
b. However, in the case of any position remaining vacant after election, nominations shall be taken from the floor, provided the candidate meets all requirements.
c. All elected officers shall hold office for two years.
d. Campaign shall commence on the day the electoral officers are appointed, and officially close before opening prayer on Election Day.

1. The house shall appoint an electoral committee three months before the election.
2. Only members in good financial standing shall be appointed.
3. The chief electoral officer, who shall be elected by a majority vote, shall head the committee.
4. Application papers shall be filed with the electoral committee at least two months before election date.

There shall be a sixty days or two months transitional period to enable a smooth handover of power, physical property, information and records of the club to the new executive. It will also give the audit committee enough time to audit the outgoing executive.

Any amendment(s) to the constitution shall be in writing, signed and submitted to the general secretary at least four weeks before a general meeting. The proposed amendment must be debated in the general meeting and approved by a two third majority of members present.

Adoption of this constitution and by-laws shall be by majority of members present at the general meeting provided a quorum is formed. A complete review of the constitution shall be done every four years.